Durable Metal Ashtrays

The Ultimate Ashtray Has Arrived

Though our super dope glass ashtrays are hard to match, we rose to the challenge to create our line of metal ashtrays. These supreme metal ashtrays feature the same fan-favorite designs in lightweight, durable metal. This collection has it all: cute ashtrays, cool ashtrays, funny ashtrays, plus ashtrays that feature different strains of marijuana. The ashtrays are constructed from high-quality metal in a circular design with 4 cigarette divots. The portable, lightweight design makes this the perfect choice for an indoor ashtray or an outside ashtray.


Why Get a Metal Ashtray?

V Syndicate ashtrays are the closest one can get to ashtray euphoria. A glass ashtray is an amazing statement piece for any stoner (and we have a whole range of them) but sometimes a metal ashtray is the best tool to get the job done. Our durable ashtrays are portable and lightweight, making them perfect to transport. Metal weed ashtrays are available in many different styles for a lasting impact, plus they can be customized to fit any business or brand. 


Glass or Metal Ashtrays?

Both glass and metal are suitable materials for weed ashtrays, pipe ashtrays, cigarette ashtrays, and more. There are pros and cons to each material to consider based on the smoker's needs.


  • Our glass ashtrays are made of shatter-resistant tempered glass (check out the proof on our Instagram, @vsyndicate)
  • Glass herb ashtrays are perfect for home use since they are heavier, so they won't easily get knocked or spill ash onto surfaces
  • Glass makes perfect outdoor ashtrays since they won't rust and can withstand the elements


  • Metal makes a portable ashtray that can be transported anywhere
  • Our durable tin ashtrays are built to last and won't get harmed in a fall or accident
  • Lightweight tin can be used as a designated car ashtray
  • Cheap metal ashtray still looks absolutely amazing

With metal or glass, the high resolution original designs make all V Syndicate ashtrays the reliable, cheap choice to compliment any stoner's style.