A rolling tray set for smoking on the go

What is a rolling tray bundle?

V Syndicate’s Roll N Go Bundles combine our fan-favorite durable metal rolling trays with our durable metal rolling trays and magnetic rolling tray lids. These rolling trays with lids make a secure compartment for any stoner’s stash to take a session on the go. The smell-proof tin weed container can hold bud, rolling papers, lighters, and more. The designs can be coordinated or multiple rolling tray bundles can be mixed and matched for a cool look.

Check out some of our favorite designs:

Alice Mushroom 3D Roll N Go Bundle

Smoky Night 3D Roll N Go Bundle

T=HC2 Einstein Classic 3D Roll N Go Bundle


Can I get bulk wholesale rolling tray sets?

We offer all bulk wholesale rolling tray sets to get the most out of your order. Our team is here and ready to help with any wholesale orders when you fill out this form.