Upgrade Your Dab Rig with Slikks

Why should every dabber get a dab mat?

No dab rig is complete without a mat. Dab connoisseurs tend to prefer the flavor of cannabis concentrates over regular joints or bowls. Though dabbing weed only uses small bits of wax, it can get messy fast, so having the right setup is crucial. These silicone pads are must-have dabbing tools to keep surfaces clean. Upgrade any dabbing rig with our Slikks, featuring all of our bestselling designs printed on easy-to-clean silicone.


Dab Mat Duties:

Dab mats serve two purposes: first, to provide a clean surface to handle resin; and second, to catch any residue dripping from the dab nail to ensure that all surfaces are protected. When using dab wax, melting the wax into concentrates can lead to sticky residue on surfaces. Our dab mats are made of heat-resistant silicone to ensure that they don't melt or get damaged from the heat of the dab rig or weed concentrates. They can even stand up to the heat of a red-hot dabber in between hits.

In addition to being useful, silicone dab mats are great for expression. V Syndicate dab mats are printed with full color, high-resolution designs for every stoner to express themselves. Slikks are the easiest way to keep a dabbing rig clean, right down to the last dab.


Product Features

  • Nonstick silicone dab mat
  • Perfect addition to any dab rig kit
  • Heat-resistant mat prevents buildup
  • Easy to clean
  • Printed in full color
  • Lightweight and durable addition to your dab setup
  • Reduce dab clean up
  • Shipped discreetly and safety

How to clean your dab mat

Our Slikks are made from silicone so they are easy to clean up after dabbing. Even the toughest to clean concentrates won't stick to the surface of the nonstick silicone material. To clean, simply rub the silicone dab mat with a damp paper towel and any household cleaner. Once dry, the dab mat is ready to go again and catch anything that falls from the dab rig kit. It's the must-have tidiness solution for any dabber.

Our Favorite Designs

  • High Voltage Slikks: These dab mats give “lighting up” a whole new meaning!
  • Cassette Slikks: You’ll want to rewind the smoke sesh over and over again when cleaning up is this easy!