Weed Grinders in Bulk

What is a SharpShred 360 Grinder?

The SharpShred 360 utilizes our durable 4-piece grinder design combined with an uber-cool wraparound graphic to take each grinder to the next level. These durable grinders feature sharp teeth for effortless grinding, with all the strength of an automatic weed grinder in one handy package. The separate chambers allow for a dedicated kief compartment in the grinder to save and separate out the pollen. The durable pollen screen ensures that none of it will go to waste. This premium bud grinder is designed so the particles fall through into a middle chamber so there’s no need to waste time digging weed out of the grinding compartment.

The SharpShred 360 enhances the super durable weed grinder, the SharpShred, with a 360 wraparound design. For a trippy herb grinder for any stoner, the SharpShred 360 makes a statement.

Can I order bud grinders in bulk?

The SharpShred 360 is included in our bulk offerings. To order bulk wholesale cannabis grinders, get in touch through our contact form.

Are there other grinder options?

We have a whole range of grinders, from simple, discreet grinder cards to durable but cheap weed grinders with 2 and 4 pieces. The SharpShred 360 Grinder is our only bud grinder offering to feature a full 360 design.