Wholesale Herb Storage

Weed Storage Done Right

Smoking accessories in a constantly expanding market can be endless. Instead of just having a stash, papers, and a lighter, smokers now have a bunch of other accessory options, like dab pens, grinder cards, battery-powered weed grinders, variable vape pen batteries, dab resin, and more. All of these items need to be kept safe, and sometimes, discreet.

Our smell-proof, airtight herb stash containers are built to make a difference. With trippy stash jar designs and humidity-controlled weed stash options, there’s sure to be something for every smoker.

What is the best stash box?

The V Syndicate SoleStash is the best stash jar yet. This bud stash jar has all the bells and whistles: a magnetic grinder plate, humidity packs to keep herb fresh, and a funnel to direct weed right into a rolling paper without losing any. Our SoleStash jar is the best choice for an upgraded stash jar with accessories to make smoking even easier. Despite its versatile design, it is still a cheap stash jar option that won’t break the bank.

What kinds of storage do you offer?

We offer different types of storage to suit ever stoner’s needs. Our two types of weed stash containers are the Syndicase and the SoleStash jar. SoleStash comes in three different sizes.

Syndicase: Our Syndicases are both an herb stash container and a rolling tray in one. The stash jars are smell-proof and air-tight, with a silicone seal to ensure everything, including smell, remains inside. These tin stash boxes are lightweight and portable with bold, full-color designs. For a durable stash box for travel, Syndicase fits the bill.

SoleStash: Get the most out of herb with SoleStash. The premium stash jar features a magnetic grinder plate, a replaceable humidity pack, and a funnel. This supreme stash jar ensures that bud stays fresh and the stash jar is smell-proof for discrete use. Available in a range of bold designs and three sizes for any stash size, these are the best stash jars in town.

Bulk Wholesale Stash Containers

Looking to buy wholesale weed stash jars? Our team can help. Syndicase and SoleStash products are available as bulk cannabis stash containers through our wholesale site. To get an order started, fill out this form and a member of our dedicated sales team will contact you to help.