Stash Box

A durable, smell-proof weed stash box

What is a Syndicase?

The V Syndicate Syndicase combines durability, great design, and utility into the supreme weed stash box with a tray. The Syndicase is an airtight, smell-proof cannabis stash box set crafted from durable tin. The lid of this bud stash box also doubles as a small rolling tray for rolling on the go. It’s more than just a decorative weed stash box—it’s a rolling tray and container for taking a smoke session on the go.

Cannabis Stash Case Features

The Syndicase seals securely to keep it smell proof, and to keep any stash safe. The compact, airtight container protects bud from the elements to ensure herb stays fresh over time, plus it is easily portable. On the go, the lid doubles as a mini rolling tray with curved edges to keep herb in place. The box is also a cheap weed stash box alternative, priced low to keep it accessible.

Our Syndicases feature our high def original designs. Check out some of our favorites:

Savage Syndicase: A fashion-forward, discreet Savage weed container

Dalirious Syndicase 2.0: An old favorite, now new and improved

Space Xhale Syndicase 2.0: The perfect weed case to take a stash into space

Bulk & Wholesale Stash Containers

Interested in wholesale herb stash containers? We’ve got you covered. Our Syndicases are available as bulk weed accessories through our wholesale shop. To put in an order, simply fill out this form and one of our sales associates will be in touch. Ordering bulk stash jars has never been easier.