What is a hybrid rolling tray?

Stoners don’t always stick to one form of enjoyment, and now, weed accessories are applicable to both smoking and dabbing. V Syndicate Hybrid Rolling Trays feature coordinating dab mats for a session that features both rolling and dabbing. The hybrid rolling trays are made out of durable tin while the nonstick, heat-resistant silicone dab mats are easy to clean, even when they encounter the messiest concentrates.

Hybrid rolling trays with dab mats are the easiest way to diversify every smoking experience. The bud rolling trays feature curved edges to keep herb contained, and the high res design is an eye-catching addition. Our Slikks dab mats are engineered to take on even the toughest-to-clean concentrates. These nonstick dab mats are the ultimate addition to any dab rig.

The hybrid rolling tray with dab mat is the supreme rolling tray to handle all herb and oil. From containing finely-ground herb to catching sticky resin, the hybrid rolling trays can do it all.

Hybrid Rolling Tray Features

Our hybrid trays come in multiple sizes to ensure every stoner finds their perfect fit. The durable rolling trays and food-grade silicone dab mats are portable and durable so they can go anywhere. Plus, the silicone dab mat is removable so the parts can travel separately. Our affordable products include cheap hybrid rolling trays for accessibility.

Check out some of our favorite designs:

Devil Vs Angel Hybrid Rollin’ Tray

Hybrid Buds/Oil Rollin’ Tray

Bulk & Wholesale Hybrid Rolling Trays

Looking to buy wholesale hybrid rolling trays with dab mats? Our full selection of hybrid trays are available for bulk and wholesale orders. For more information and to get your order started, fill out this contact form and one of our sales associates will be in touch to handle your wholesale weed accessory needs.