Glass Ashtrays Made From Durable Shatter Resistant Glass


Glass Ashtrays from V-Syndicate

V Syndicate Blazin’ Glass Ashtrays are built to last. Though glass ashtrays can be prone to breaking, we’ve solved this with our shatter-resistant tempered glass. Check out our drop tests on Instagram (@vsyndicate) to see the durability of these glass ashtrays in action. Our Blazin’ Ashtrays are printed with high-resolution designs for true ashtray euphoria. The glass tray also is durable enough to withstand the elements as an outdoor ashtray for smoking in the elements. These weed ashtrays are guaranteed to be stunning pieces for years to come.

Colorful, Trippy Ashtrays

Our Blazin’ Glass Ashtrays are known for their full color, high def designs. Check out some of our favorites:

Pussy Vinyl Blazin’ Ashtray Glass: This trippy ashtray design combines a few of our favorite things: cats, tunes, and pizza.

Elephant Blazin’ Ashtray Glass: We love the detail on this original design, which is sure to make this pretty ashtray the talk of the next sesh.

T=HC2 Einstein Black Hole Blazin’ Ashtray Glass: A durable glass ashtray that allows any smoker to worry about the more difficult questions in the world instead of worrying about a tray breaking.

Bulk Wholesale Glass Ashtrays

Stock any smoke shop or head shop with durable glass ashtrays in a variety of full-color, high-resolution designs. Our glass ashtrays are available in bulk wholesale quantities through our V Syndicate Wholesale Shop. To get more information, fill out this form and one of our dedicated wholesale salespeople will be in touch with you.