These 4-piece sets offer a smooth grind and sleek, colorful interfaces.

What is the purpose of a weed grinder?

Grinding bud in a grinder is the most effective way to get a consistent burn on every joint. Our weed grinders for sale ensure that weed is ground to each smoker’s preference, whether it be coarse or fine. The SharpShred Grinders come as either 2-piece bud grinders or 4-piece bud grinders to suit different preferences. The 2-piece grinders are a cheaper alternative, with one chamber to grind the weed in. In a 4-piece grinder, the weed falls into a second chamber and the pollen falls into a third chamber to separate out fully ground bud from the teeth.

There’s no need to go hunting a weed grinder on Amazon (though ours are there, too). V Syndicate herb grinders are cheap so they don’t break the bank, but are more durable than your run-of-the-mill smoke shop grinders. They’re built to last.

Can I buy bulk and wholesale herb grinders?

Our line of herb and spice grinders are now available for wholesale. To get in touch about a wholesale weed grinder order or to place a bulk bud grinder order, please fill out our contact form and a sales associate will be in touch.

The best weed grinders don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive ones. With both electric weed grinders and automatic weed grinders on the market, it is easy to see price points driven up. However, we offer a nice middle ground between luxury weed grinders and the plastic weed grinders sold at your corner smoke shop. Our weed grinders make it so that you never have to grind weed without a grinder, and are as cool as they are functional.