Introducing a durable, smell-proof container for weed

The SoleStash is a secure jar to stash weed, featuring replaceable humidity packets and a magnetic grinder in the lid. Every smoker needs a discreet place to keep their bud. The SoleStash is the best container for weed, and in three sizes, there is a match for any sized stash.

Why should I keep my cannabis from drying out?

Smoking dried-out weed completely changes the experience. Cannabis dries out when it is kept in clear containers, like jars and bags, or when exposed to sunlight. When bud dries out, the flavor and smoke are impacted. To prevent flower from drying out, it is important to keep it in a container that regulates the humidy. Dry weed is also less potent, so a dried-out stash might not lead to the same effects.

The best conditions to store weed are:

  • room temperature
  • opaque, sealed container
  • with a humidity pack
  • out of sunlight

How should I rehydrate dried weed?

Dried-out cannabis is not the end of the world. There are a few tricks to rehydrate dried bud. To restore bud to its freshest state, the easiest methods are using fruit peels or distilled water. 

The problem with rehydrating with fruit is that it can affect the taste of your flower, and it's not suitable for a long-term solution, as fruit peels can rot or introduce fungi to your weed. To rehydrate bud, put orange or banana peel in a jar with your bud for a few hours and then remove the peel.

To rehydrate bud with distilled water, dip a paper towel in the water and wring it out so it's only a bit moist. Cover your stash jar with the towel and then secure the lid to create a humid environment. Remove after a few hours.

The easiest way to keep herb fresh is by maintaining a humid environment in the jar! Our humidity packs fit perfectly in our SoleStash jars and are replaceable to keep weed from drying out.

Keep your stash hydrated with SoleStash


  • Durable jar to store cannabis
  • Humidity controlled to keep herb fresh
  • Includes a grinder plate
  • Replaceable humidity packs ensure long-term storage
  • Smell-proof for discreet storage
  • Small: 3.5 in tall, can fit ¼ oz of flower!
  • Medium: 4 in tall, can fit ½ oz of flower!
  • Large: 5 in tall, can fit 1 oz of flower!