What are the benefits of a ceramic non-stick grinder?

Our line of non-stick ceramic grinders cut through even the stickiest of herb without getting gummed up. The grinder teeth are coated with non-stick ceramic to ensure that nothing gets caught or stuck, making the most of herb. The grinders have 4 compartments with a durable pollen screen and a dedicated grinder kief chamber to catch all the pollen that falls through. The grinder lid is sturdy and magnetic to ensure that everything stays securely inside. Our CleanCut line features original artwork in full color and high-definition printing to fit any stoner’s style. For the best non-stick grinder at a reasonable price, the CleanCut is here to do the job.

Bulk & Wholesale Non-stick Grinders

CleanCut Grinders are great for any smoke shop, head shop, or accessory store. Our wholesale stoner accessories are cheap and durable to ensure that every great product is good value for money. If you’re interested in buying bulk weed grinders or wholesale herb grinders, our team is ready to help you with your order. Simply fill out this contact form and a member of our sales team will be in touch to help with all of your wholesale weed grinder needs.