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What is dabbing?

Dabbing is a way of enjoying cannabis that involves inhaling the vapor of a weed concentrate. It is a super potent version of smoking, since the concentrates have a higher percentage of cannabinoids, which makes them stronger than standard joints. The concentrates are vaporized on a hot surface and then inhaled.

The process usually involves some form of dab wax. Instead of using a rig, it is possible to get a similar effect from a dab pen. No matter how it's done, dabbing weed is a different way to get the same effects.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a bit like a bong in that it has a part, called the dab nail, that gets hot and vaporizes the concentrate. Dab rigs are sometimes called oil rigs, and they come in a huge variety from the most manual to sophisticated electric dab rigs.

The parts of a traditional dab rig include:

Bong: Also known as a water pipe, this is the part where the vaporized concentrates travel through when inhaled. It serves to cool down the hot particles, too, before they reach the mouth. It’s important to let the vapor get a bit cooler when dabbing weed.

Dab Nail: The dab nail, or dabbing nail, is the part that holds the wax and concentrates. The nail is heated by a lighter or torch, which then vaporizes the cannabis inside.

Lighter or torch: Usually dabbers choose to use a highly powered, small propane or butane torch to get the dab wax to the proper heat for vaporization.

Cannabis wax for dabbing: This wax comes in many forms. Every person has a different preference, but they all ensure a smooth, fast high.

Dab tools: These are small metal tools used to load weed concentrate and manipulated it within the dab nail. Dab tools keep the session under control.

How to get bulk wholesale dab mats?

If you’re wondering what is the purpose of a dab mat, because of the melted oils and concentrates, dabbing can sometimes get messy. Dab mats are the solution to this problem. Our silicone dab mats are heat resistant and nonstick so they are easy to clean every time. For the best dab mats to handle any sticky, messy concentrates, V Syndicate has offerings in a variety of cool designs or custom options. We offer Hybrid Rolling Trays with silicone dab mats too, so smokers can enjoy all ranges of the spectrum. Our silicone dab mats are made of food-grade, heat-resistant materials that can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

We offer our Slikks (dab mats) and hybrid rolling trays wholesale and in bulk. To fill out a bulk order, get in touch with our sales representatives through this contact form, who would be happy to help.