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Stock smoking accessories from our online shop to get a wide variety of products at the lowest wholesale prices. Our smoking accessories come in a variety of styles and designs to match any smoker's collection. From wholesale rolling trays to variable voltage vape batteries, our herb and wax smoking accessories are high-quality products at cheap prices.


Blazin’ Ashtrays

The best ashtrays are not just places to put ash, but small works of art. Our durable, portable ashtrays are the best value for money. In order to craft the best ashtrays, we've included a few special features:

  • Bold, original designs: Our unique ashtrays feature high resolution, full-color designs that pop. Quality control is essential to guaranteeing the designs look just as good on display as they do onscreen. These cool ashtrays are easy to clean so the amazing designs withstand the heat.
  • Durable construction: Every ashtray is crafted with long-lasting durability in mind. They don't just look pretty! Our glass ashtrays are made from tempered, shatter-resistant glass to survive a drop. For proof, check out our drop test on our Instagram page, @vsyndicate. Our silicone ashtrays and metal ashtrays are made from the best materials so they're always in perfect condition when they're needed.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: These ashtrays go wherever they're needed. Our ashtrays are made from high-quality materials so they make the perfect outdoor ashtray or look great as an indoor ashtray. Our silicone models are lightweight and can even be used as a car ashtray. The heat-resistant, durable design ensures that these funky ashtrays will keep looking good without water damage, rust, or burn marks.
  • Cigarette holder: Convenience and smart design come together as one. Our supreme ashtrays each come with 4 divots to rest cigarettes, joints, pipes, and more. This herb ashtray does double duty as a cigarette ashtray for any usage.


Convert any rolling tray into a convenient tin with magnetic Mag-Slaps. These magnetic rolling tray lids fit on big rolling trays and small rolling trays to seal up weed, papers, and lighters and take any session on the go. These smell-proof weed storage solutions are made from durable, high-quality materials to ensure they'll last. All Mag-Slaps come with a high definition, original design and can be coordinated or mixed and matched for a cool look.



For those looking to purchase smoking accessories in bulk, our sales representatives are on hand and ready to assist. For a real boost to your marketing, get customized smoking accessories with your business info or logo printed in high definition detail. Simply fill out this wholesale contact form!

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