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Wholesale Rolling Trays and Smoking Accessories
Looking to buy smoking accessories in bulk? At V Syndicate, we specialize in providing high quality, wholesale grinders, rolling trays, stash jars, and much more. Our  wholesale smoking accessories are made from durable, long lasting materials and our vast array of designs are all printed in high definition and full color so that every product makes a statement. All wholesale orders are made through our sales team, simply fill out the order form and someone will be back with you ASAP.
Custom Smoking Accessories
Looking for the best rolling tray but don’t quite know what that looks like yet? All of our products are customizable and our team of designers are happy to work with you to make the ultimate product. We offer  custom rolling trays, custom grinders, and really any other product you can find on our website. Custom designs are offered exclusively to our wholesale clients, so you don’t want to miss out on this offer.
Our Products
  • Grinder Cards: Our company started with the invention of the grinder card, the eco-friendly, portable, and discreet way to grind your herb everywhere you go. These credit card inspired grinders won the “Best Product of the Year” award at the 2011 Hightimes International Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam.
  • Rotary Grinders: If you are looking to buy grinders in bulk, we offer two styles of 4 pc grinders, the SharpShred grinder and CleanCut grinder. Both models of herb grinders are made from durable materials, feature sharp teeth and a pollen screen with extra strong threads, and come with two mini scrapers. Our CleanCut line is home to our ceramic grinders, which are non-stick and super smooth to use.
  • Metal Rolling Trays: The coolest rolling trays on the market, our metal rolling trays are durable, light weight, portable, and come in multiple sizes and designs.
  • Glass Rolling Trays: Buying rolling trays in bulk shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality. We were the first company to ever offer full-color glass trays, and all of our glass products are made from tempered, shatter-resistant glass so that they are as durable as they are dope.
  • And Much More! We offer many unique products like hybrid rolling trays, humidified SmartStash Jars, and our dank line of Blazin' Ashtrays.